The BBVA bank offers all the CBOX Coworking coworkers the following benefits:


COMPANY BENEFITS – first year*
Electronic banking$0.00
Dispatch Payroll and Payment suppliers BBVA accts$0.00
Transfers to other banks$0.00

* On the 2nd year, according to the account movement and averages, the rates are made flexible up to 90% of the value of the full rate.

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS -During the enrollment period
Lower salary of $1mm.
Debit card handling fee$0.00
Three BBVA ATM withdrawls, per month$0.00
Mobile Banking BBVA ATMs withdrawls$0.00 unlimited
Mobile banking access$0.00 unlimited
BBVA Net personal portal access$0.00
Wallet Service (payment x contact)$0.00
Mobile banking withdrawls at Baloto spots$0.00 starting on Sep, 2018
Other bank ATMs withdrawls$4.800
Higher salary of $1mm
Debit card handling fee$0.00
Unlimited withdrawls in BBVA ATMs$0.00
BBVA Mobile banking withdrawls$0.00 unlimited
Mobile banking withdrawls at Baloto spots$0.00 starting on Sep, 2018
Mobile banking access$0.00
BBVA Net personal portal access$0.00
Wallet Service (payment x contact)$0.00
Credit card handling fee$0.00 – If its subject to TC

Payroll Advances

After the third month, if you have good payment behavior, the Payroll Advancement service gets activated, up to 30% of the salary. For each use of the debit card, 5 points are generated, which are accumulated and can be redeemed for products, money or miles by entering BBVA Experiences at: https: //

Loyalty Program

For payrolls that receive $ 3mm net month and have payroll and TC accounts, we offer you the following additional benefit: Program aimed at new customers with their payroll account, which BBVA delivers a bonus in recognition of the seniority of the one-year customer with their payroll product, this bonus can be redeemed in more than 3,000 options between products and experiences.

month 3$50.000.00
month 6$80.000.00
month 12$100.000.00
month 18$120.000.00
month 24$150.000.00

Discounts in Trade Establishment

The establishment where the bank has an agreement for discounts, among other EURO and JUMBO stores, is informed by the customer's email or on the BBVA page


It is a centralized and standardized service that allows the company to offer its users the possibility of making payments from any savings and/or checking account through the Internet through the company´s website, social networks, WhatsApp, email or the BBVA page, debiting the resources of those who will make the independent payment of the financial institution where the user has their money, to deposit them in the BBVA account in the name of the company.


  • The payment button is configured directly on the commercial company's website.
  • If you do not have a website, the user can pay through social networks, WhatsApp, email or the BBVA page
  • Facility to reconcile collections and portfolio because it gives referenced information.
  • Who makes the payment can be a customer of any financial institution (ACH Network).
  • The comfort of who pays, not having to mobilize.
  • Opportunity in information.
  • 24/7 customer service.
Installation fee payment button only with checking/savings: $100.000 + VAT (once)
Fee for each collection: $800 + VAT
The cost of the collection can be assumed by the company or by the person who makes the payment.


On the other hand I share this option to handle surplus settlement for days with excellent profitability and with the service of transfer of resources between banks without 4x1000. We have a complete offer of investment alternatives, created tailored to the needs and objectives of each person. From Conservative funds (Fixed Income Only), to Risky funds (Higher percentage of Equities, Shares), of which the investor obtains a competitive return for its resources and benefits from an active management, with all the support and solidity of BBVA. With this product you can transfer resources from different banks to the same owner without 4x 1000, improving the efficiency in financial costs and obtaining current average profitability between 4% to 5% E.A.